Walt was a member of the Wharfedale Poets, a group of writers based in the valley of Wharfedale, where he lived and worked from 1997.  Drystone Lines an anthology of their work, was launched at the Ilkley Literature Festival on the 8th October 2014. Some of Walt’s poems (and photographs) are featured and the book is dedicated to his memory. A link to it is here.


Some of the poems Walt wrote with the Wharfedale Poets are here, including May You.


 Walt was a talented poet who wrote powerful poetry from a young age. ‘Poems of Desire and Despair’ is a collection of 25 poems which he wrote in his youth, including Yeat's Tower. These are shared here.


2016 Walter Swan Poetry Prize 

There were two new projects in the autumn of 2016. Firstly there was the inaugural Walter Swan Trust Poetry prize as part of the Ilkley Literature Festival, with judging by Andrew McMillan assisted by the Wharfedale Poets. The link to the winners and their winning poems is here:



Secondly, a book was published of Walt's own poems, launched in October. If you would like a copy of this, please email info@walterswantrust.org.uk 


2017 Walter Swan Poetry Prize

Please see the separate page for details of the 2017 competition, part of the Ilkley Literature Festival. 


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